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About Us


inspiring days
of creativity
in Tuscany

Experience the magic of Val D’Orcia as you learn to craft unique photographs. Located just minutes from healing thermal baths, you will rejuvenate your artistic spirit and physical well-being. 

This workshop focuses on practical, cameraless photography techniques. You'll work directly with light-sensitive materials, experimenting with light and chemicals to create extraordinary images. It's a chance to transform your artistic approach to photography, all while soaking in Tuscany's inspiring landscape.

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The workshop will take place in Tuscany's heart, at Villa Pienza.
This villa in Val d’Orcia is just 15 minutes from picturesque villages like Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, and Monticchiello. Once a traditional Tuscan farmhouse, it has spacious grounds with aromatic herbs and wildflowers, a large swimming pool, and breathtaking 360-degree views of Val d'Orcia and Pienza. Six ensuite bedrooms and a spacious outdoor dining area, make this villa perfect for this workshop.

Closests airports to the villa are Rome (2.5 hours) and Florence (1.5 hours).

Retreat Overview

April 7 - April 13

 Over 5 days we will dive into a variety of methods of alternative processes of photography. Through a combination of instruction and hands-on practice, we will learn about various techniques, explore their unique aesthetics, and create your own photographs using these techniques.

  • April 7th: Check in and Welcome Dinner
    We will meet at the Villa anytime after 3 pm. Welcome dinner and dance party in the evening.
  • April 8th: Anthotypes & Chlorophyll
    Soak in the nearby thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni early in the morning. Breakfast in town. We will then take a nature walk and visit a local flower farm to collect materials for our lesson. Anthotypes are very delicate photographic images made using the photosensitive material of plants and natural sunlight. The name is derived from the Greek “anthos” meaning flower. The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process similar to the anthotype process. However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly into the surface of leaves. Free afternoon to explore nearby towns. Cooking class in the late afternoon.
  • April 9th: Introduction to Cyanotype
    We will begin our day with our lesson and then soak in the thermals of Bagni San Filippo. Cyanotypes are one of the earliest and simplest photographic processes. The cyanotype process was the first fully realized non-silver-based process, discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. In his general exploration of light sensitive materials, he discovered that when a solution of ferric ammonium citrate combined with potassium ferricyanide was coated on paper, and exposed to sunlight, it resulted in a Prussian blue image formed by the photo-reduction of the ferric to ferrous. The cyanotype process was used to make blueprints for engineers and builders for about the next century beginning around 1876. Visit local farm for lunch. Free afternoon to explore nearby town.
  • April 10th: Adventure in Tuscany
    Road trip to Saturnia thermal baths. We will stop along the way to explore the magic of Tuscany.
  • April 11th: Lumens
    A lumen print is a type of camera-less photography. Objects or negatives are placed directly onto light sensitive photographic paper and exposed using sunlight rather than an enlarger. The actions of light and chemistry produce unexpected and often beautiful color variations from black and white paper. The resulting image becomes an indexical record of information specific to the time, weather, and physical content of the materials used. We will return to Bagni San Filippo after our lesson and then explore Monticchiello and San Quirico D’Orcia. All reached by e-bikes.
  • April 12th: Phytograms
    Phytograms are similar to lumens but are made on film instead of paper. Plant material is soaked in a solution of washing soda and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and then placed in direct contact with the film and exposed. The soda and ascorbic acid solution, combined with phenols released from plants, is actually a working developer. After exposure, the film needs to be fixed and washed, after which it is stable, and prints can be made from it. After our lesson we will tour Val D'orcia on ebikes. We will go to a local winery to learn all things wine and eat lunch. After lunch, we will return to our favorite hot springs for a last soak before returning home. Apperitivo and dinner at the villa.
  • April 13th: Check out by 11 am
    Workshop ends Friday afternoon but you are welcome to stay until today at the villa

Meet Our Hosts


Anne Eder

Anne Eder is an interdisciplinary artist and in-demand educator. She has been internationally exhibited, awarded, and published, including multiple international awards in alternative process photography. She is currently a lecturer in the Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University, instructor in the Harvard Ceramics Program, Harvard University, faculty at Penumbra Foundation in NYC, Santa Fe Workshops, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. She teaches workshops at venues across the country and, via online learning, all over the world. Much of her work is experimental and research based, combining historic processes, science, contemporary conceptual thinking, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional photographic chemistry.


Throughout her career she has been an advocate for increased access to the arts, and the creation of public art is a dedicated part of her practice. She lives in New England with her fabulous chihuahua, The Brain.

Jessica Kassin

Born in Guatemala and educated in the United States and Italy, Jessica Kassin is a portrait and documentary photographer. Meaningful connections and storytelling shape her work. Her passion for photography, continued education, and travel have led her to create and host distinctive retreats around the world. Jessica is a mother of three, and lives with her family in Miami, Florida.


Discover Val'Dorcia


single occupancy

double occupancy

Villa has 6 spacious ensuite bedrooms. Each room has a capacity for 2 people. 4 bedrooms have king/queen beds & 2 bedrooms have 2 twin size beds.

What's Included

  • 6-night accommodations in our private luxury villa 

  •  days of immersive education 

  • All materials for workshop

  • Daily light breakfast and lunch + 2 dinners 

  • Thermal Bath adventure 

  • A hands-on cooking class

  • Free time in the afternoon to explore nearby villages or enjoy the villa

  • 2 online meetings before the workshop to get ready for our time together. We will teach you how to make digital negatives for you to use in the retreat.

What's not Included


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